Reading, Writing, Speaking Listening Resources

Story Line Online - Screen Actors Guild reads and shares popular children's literature
Lit2Go - free audio files for public domain books
MeeGenius - an amazing site and app for reading and listening
Big Universe - a collection of books and more
6Flags Read to Succeed
ePub Books and eReaders - Kobo, Kindle, Adobe Digital Editions
Read Write Think Interactives writing interactives for all types of activities
Visuwords - building and strengthening vocabulary
Classtools - graphic organizers and more
Kerpoof - a fun way to get kids to write
Mixbook - create amazing looking interactive ebooks
Writing is Fun - Free site to begin process writing
Figment - collaborative writing online for teens
Teachers' Domain - a collection of lessons and literacy tools

Math Resources

Khan Academy a free and safe student network for learning math at a more personalized level
PhET - University Colorado Boulder - Simulations A++++
Concord Consortium - join for free and gain access to some of the best Math and Science java applets and applications
Illuminations** - The best collection of Math interactives for all concepts
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - a large collection of Math Interactives
Jefferson Lab - tons of resources for Math and Science

Career Resources

K-12 Resources for Career Development

IU12 Resources