Games + School + Fun = Greater Knowledge, Understanding and Skill Retention

Games are not the worst things and should not be avoided for learning in classroom. In fact, they need to be just the opposite. Think about the following questions. Ever speak to a child or teen about their favorite digital or board game? Can they tell you ever little detail about the game and their strategies to win and find success? Do they get excited to share? Do they compete and collaborate at the same time? Is it fun for them?

Imagine, games in school? Why not use them to your advantage to increase enthusiasm, interest and understanding to difficult topics? These resources will assist anyone attempting to integrate games into student learning activities. Differentiate with games and tap into many levels of learning and intelligences or preferences with these tools.

Games 4 Change - a site and group dedicated to supporting games for learning and global change for good! Check out some of their resources here.

MIT's StarLogo - the old LOGO programming language made simple
Institute of Play - you have to check this out. One of my favorites. Quest to Learn in NY Public Schools Gamester Mechanic is one of their projects that allows kids to build and create games that can be published and shared.
Kodu - create 3D virtual games for free. Play on your XBox360 Console
Interrobang - create missions and deeds that are fun and behavior changing