Technology Assists Varied Abilities

Technology will enhance learning for all learners with varied abilities and needs. These resources will assist anyone looking for technology to support and foster highly engaging and interactive student learning. Technology is changing how we interact!! This tool is so intelligent it reads your mind!! You have to check this out!!

Online Assistive Technology Resources

Hearing Impaired

  • Voice recognition or Speech to Text- Hearing impaired students will greatly benefit from software that enables speech to be translated into written text on a large screen display or personal display
    • Microsofthas a built in voice recognition tool for all of their applications.
    • Cyberbuddy - surf the web and more with a cyber assistant, text and audio available
    • Deafblind Online - resources for interactive white boards and more

Visually Impaired

  • Free Natural Reader -Text to Speech - reads the text for you. Translates text in a natural sounding voice.
  • SMART, Promethean, Polyvision, OnFinity - Crate larger font sizes and colors for text - larger displays and interactive white boards.
  • Multilingual Speech Synthesizer - download and install.
  • LibriVox- an online collection of public domain books
  • Audio Book Resources - great for listening while reading or if unable to read.

Physically Impaired

  • Tech Matrix - use this site to find tools for students with special needs.
  • Tracballs
  • Argonomic Keyboards
  • Various mouse controllers