Twitter In Education Or Just Life

What is twitter? It's simply an only site that allows you post updates and follow updates of people that interest you. There are so many tools for twitter now that it's getting hard to keep up. You can follow virtually anyone on twitter these days. Why not follow and be followed.

Using twitter in education would allow students and parents real time updates. Here's what you can do.
  1. Create a teacher account - only educational updates, no personal use
  2. Allow access to some of the applications listed below in order to share files, video, audio, images and simple text updates.
  3. Be creative, but do not use students last names and locations
  4. Follow students or not they can direct message you questions
  5. Easy to use and update on the fly - mobile tools, desktop tools are also listed below
  6. Post right from your cell phone

Post to Twitter

Write4net - publish stories online with your twitter account. Write more than 140 characters.
Daily Tweet - most popular tweets on the net.
Tweetdeck - tweet and follow from your desktop or go mobile
TwitRes - share your resume on twitter
Dial2Do - use your mobile phone to post to twitter
TDash - a web based twitter dashboard easy and clean interface
Tiptop - a twitter search engine
Screenr - create screencasts for Twitter
TwitterVenn - create twitter venn diagrams completely dynamic!
Seesmic Look - tweet right from your desktop

Share Files and Media On Twitter

TwitVid - share real time videos on twitter
Twitpic - share photos at twitter
FileTwt - share files on twitter
Imjtwt - share images on twitter with this cool tool
CamTweet - share live video feeds on twitter
Chirps - share audio files on twitter
TwitPaint - paint graffiti and share on twitter post anything to twitter images, video, files, audio and polls
Tweetcubes - post anything on twitter

Create Groups on Twitter

Twitnester- create twitter groups
Twibes - create a twitter tribe group and folllow
Tweetizen - groups on twitter

Fun With Twitter Updates

Twootball - update football scores with this tool
Tweet Map - follow updates on a Google Map