Annville-Cleona SD

Workshop 6/8/2012

Training Feedback - What's Next?

Essential Question: How can technology resources be seamlessly integrated to enhance authentic learning experiences and engage all learners?

Building 21st Century Learning Ecosystems

Changing Education Paradigms

How have or will you attempt to change one thing about how you teach?

Integrating Digital Technologies Across Curriculum

Things to Consider:
  1. What are the intended learning outcomes?
  2. Create embed authentic student tasks
  3. Digital tools should support learning content and objectives/outcomes - RELEVANT
  4. Authentic Assessment Practices- Rubrics
  5. Intended Audience for learning artifact
  6. Preview digital tool - mini lesson for technology being integrated

Templates to assist with Integration Strategies

  • Lesson Plan Template - Download and use this template to assist you with lesson plan development.

  • Weekly Lessons Template - Download and use the weekly Integrated Differentiation Chart

  • Levels of Implementation Template - Download the LoTI Chart to identify where you are with technology Implementation

  • Download - IT Mapping Template

Increasing Literacy Skills Across Curriculum

Build New Vocabulary




Study Skills and Assessment

What tool will you try to use to enhance instruction and engage your learners?