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21st Century Instruction

Learn To Change, Change to Learn

21st Century Learning Matters

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Vision of K-12 21st Century Students Today

How have expectations for teaching and learning changed? What do you think is the most important topic shared in the video?

Leadership Assignment 1 - Case Study - Review the following case and respond to the discussion questions by posting on the blog below.

Case Study

21st Century Evaluation

Open Professional Development

Find and utilize these sites to take responsibility for your own 21st Century professional development experiences. Open source means they are open and free.

Lead a 21st Century NETS Forum

Visit to gain access to resources needed to inform school districts about the latest 21st Century skills and integration strategies to support them.

Create Your Own Personal Learning Networks

Creating your own personal learning networks is one of the easiest things to do. Finding the right resources for you is also not difficult, but these are some quality sites for you to consider joining or subscribing. Take charge of your own personal professional development.

21st Century Teacher Innovator Academy 2008-09

This Academy is currently being developed for teachers to gain the knowledge and skills to transform their classrooms, instructional practices and learning experiences for their students. It will focus on the following modules.
  • 21st Century Instruction
  • Differentiated Integrated Instructional Practices
  • Innovative Leadership
  • Digital Skill Development
  • Web 2.0 Awareness and Understanding

Online Webinars Opportunities

Creating Onsync Webinars Link
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Differentiated Instruction and Technology Integration

Differentiated Technology Integration Strategies for K-2

Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Confernce- Hershey, PA - Feb 8-11, 2009 - I will conduct a Full Day Preconference workshop (PC-A06 Web 2.0 and Best Practical Practice) that will include best practice strategies while diferentiating instruction with Web 2.0 Applications. Register to attend and learn about some of the easiest and engaging ways to integrate!