Pennsylvania State Standards As Of 2007

Arts and Humanities*
Career Education and Work*
Civics and Government*
Environment and Ecology*
Family and Consumer Sciences*
Health, Safety, and Physical Education*
Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening*
Science and Technology*

Steps to Effectively Integrate the Technology Aligned with State Standards and 21st Century Skills

  1. Identify your standards and objectives.
  2. Decide the desired lesson purpose and outcome.
  3. What skills will be attained - Core content and 21st Century?
  4. What content areas will be introduced?
  5. What learning styles will be addressed?
  6. Develop your lesson plans and unit.
  7. Choose the Techonology that will enhance and suport your lesson outcomes, engage and meet the needs and learning syles of the learner and develop 21st Century skills.

Lesson Plan Sample or Template

Download the Template