PSBA Leadership Conference2012

Open Learning Ecosystems

Empire A: Open Learning Ecosystems

Presenter Name: Cheryl Capozzoli, Educational Consultant/Instructional Tech. Specialist, Capital Area Intermediate Unit

Strand: Collaborate, Communicate, Engage, Empower

This session will include an in depth view of open and free online open education resources. School professionals will learn how to locate and relevantly integrate many of the best Free and Open online learning tools in order to increase support for diverse student and professional learning needs, styles and abilities. A school ecosystem need not be limited to its physical constraints. Participants will learn how to leverage open education resources to sustain intended 21st Century instructional outcomes, extend learning beyond the school day, and empower independence and capacity in all learners. Topics discussed will engage all levels of participants – district administrators, teachers, and others who are involved in the planning and/or implementation of blended learning opportunities. A template for and Instructional Systems Design approach will be provided to assist school leaders with a 21st Century systems design planning framework. Open Education Resources (OER) will help to bring stability and consistency in learning in a high paced changing world. Ongoing updates and additions to the work continues as knowledge sharing grows.

Today's Presentation

ISD Planning Model Template

What does Open Mean?
What are Open Education Resources and how can they be leveraged to provide quality instruction?
How can you use Open or Free Shared Tools to enhance and support differentiated instructional practices?
Why use Open tools in today's classrooms?
What is an Open Learning Ecosystem?

Open Learning "Ecosystems"(OLEs)

  • Open online learning environments made up of interdependent social learning communities. The free flow of information, knowledge, learning, skill and success within ecosystems is dependent upon the deliberate and open interactions and exchange of information of its members. Information sharing is free and open to all who want to learn.

ROI of OLE's

  • No $$$$ down, FREE forever
  • Learning takes place whenever and wherever
  • Students can learn on their terms outside of a regular brick and mortar school system
  • Schools begin to think outside of the box when it comes to educating today's connected students

Getting Started Open Learning Ecosystem Opportunities Use the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Model
  • Analysis -Needs Assessment - Why do we need these resources? What specific need will they fill for our students and teachers?
  • Research and Explore - locate quality resources for content areas and standards based content area, explore your options, one size does not fit all
  • Develop and Design a Plan for Implementation and Adoption - Pilot to a small group to test
  • Evaluate - learn from success and failure, revise, reinvent and redeploy
  • ISD Planning Template

Building an OLE

Web Based Productivity in Open Classroom Environments - Free resources for school with tight budgets!

Open Office or Cloud Productivity Resources
  • Google Apps in Education - Google docs and more for all learners, schools apply for free
  • Skype in Education - simple and meaningful video connections with Skype for free
  • Microsoft Office Skydrive - Office in the cloud - free for all
  • Wikis - free website and interactive resources for all learners
  • Edmodo - fast and free resource for classroom learning
  • Moodle - Create a free learning environment for all students
  • Wordpress - free blogging and website hosting or installation on local servers
  • Collaborize Classroom - discuss topics safely and freely
  • ePals - free and SAFE email for kids and teachers! A++++

Learning Exchange Resources in an OLE

Open Materials and Resources

HS and Advanced Content Area Resources

Find More Open Education Resources