Coaching and Mentoring in the 21st Century

Coaching or mentoring in today's classrooms needs to be supported and implemented as a systematic process. The team, principal, coach, teachers, community, and students all need to be an integral part of an instructional coaching program.


21st Century Instructional Coaching Top Ten

  1. Build a trusting relationship with your staff. Make connections on some personal levels. Show interest in the person first not just the content and instruction.
  2. Reassure the teachers that you are there as a support for them to refine their expertise in instruction.
  3. Communicate effectively through honest feedback, active listening and empathy. Try to think where they are coming from and how they may perceive your presence.
  4. Begin with discussion about teacher and student needs, interests and readiness.
  5. Create collaborative attainable goals, action plans and expectations.Don't expect to much too soon.
  6. Work at their pace not yours. Moving on with tech resources can be very overwhelming, choose relavant meaningful resource options for teachers and their instruction and student learning opportunities.
  7. Create opportunities for self reflection and self assessment.
  8. Determine intended learning outcomes.
  9. Provide timely training, support and tips when needed.
  10. Celebrate the success no matter how small. Be positive about growth.

21st Century Literacy Activity