Web 2.0 Advocacy For Education


Web 2.0 applications are some the best free resources for today's 21st Century instructional practices. This page is for anyone who is looking to advocate for Web 2.0 filtering in schools to be lifted so that students and teachers can become more productive and successful collaborative opportunists. Please feel free to share your thoughts and recources here. I hope that we can build this advocacy together for the greater good of all children, educators and successful educational reform initiatives.
"Technology is no longer a frill; it's as basic to education as the textbook and the ruler." (The Journal - 21st Century Skills)

ISTE - Inernational Society for Technology in Education
ETAN - Ed Tech Action Network offers information and activities that you can do to support educational technology.
CoSN - Consortium for School Networking - join and get connected with other ed tech advocates.
Webcast Series of Events
AECT - Association for Educational Communication and Technology
PaECT - PA Asoc. for Educational Communication and Technology