Learning in the 21st Century

This rendition of the more I read poem has been modified to represent an engaged 21st Century students or learners. What will you do to engage and empower your students?

What Is Vital For High Levels of Thinking and Learning?

  • Create lessons or learning activities/tasks that are flexible and require independent thought, self direction and interest.
  • Increase interest by using various topics to cover core standards. Allow the students to chose their topics.
  • Authentic Assessment - Rubrics for learning, based on standards, readiness and learning styles/preferences
  • Measure growth not only skill attainment as a one time measure or goal
  • Use individual learning paths for students to cover content standards and cognitive skills


How Do You Assess Learning?

Did You Know?

Why we must act NOW!!

The Networked Student

How will we cultivate educational change in order to meet the growing needs of these 21st Century Learners?

21st Century Literacy

Levels Technology Integration and Learning Experiences

View this survey - Voices of Students on Engagement - what are the kids telling us?
What is your Level of Technology Implementation?
Technology Integration Matrix an incredible resource for educators - includes levels of technology integration and video demonstrations for each level. A++++

Examples of Technology Integration

A Lost Generation - A great video about our future